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10 years in Adwords

To be in the Google Adwords space and be successful over 10 years is a feat, not an accident… Happy Anniversary to those involved and still involved in Website Essentials

https or not to https, that is the Question

Really? So what is the upside and downside of moving to https as Google is “suggesting”?

Constant Battle On Google

Constant Battle on Google

Hospitality Clients are not alone in their constant organic and paid battle on Google. Here is just one story that is so, so familiar…

Electricity Outage 27th June

Planned electrical works at the office from 8am to 3pm on Tuesday the 27th June will mean that our phones and internet will be down for the day.  You can reach us in an emergency on 0417794669

Retiring a Server

One of our old faithful servers is being retired.  It has served us and many of our hosted clients for many years.  Since 2009 actually.  It can now not be upgraded anymore and we have to move clients sites and emails to a new server to see them through to the next 10 years and […]

Whilst you were sleeping…

Its not just our clients, its us as well.  Cyber Wars, Extortion, Denial of Service, Defacing, Interrupting Commerce, the reasons are many.  Here is a little snapshot of the attempts on our site in the past period. All of our clients are protected by the same front facing software at the website interface. Also, we […]

Internet Hosting Outage 24/10

This morning at 10:46AM, the packet-forwarding engine failed on a distribution switch that services a large part of datacentre network.   For some inexplicable reason yet to be understood, this failure also affected the secondary backup distribution switch which exists solely to mitigate issues in the event of a failure with the primary distribution switch on that particular […]

Google Premier Partner Australia

Google Premier Partner Awarded to Website Essentials

Google Premier Partner Australia – Awarded to Website Essentials Always nice to get something from Google in the post.  This was a particularly pleasant surprise.  We have now qualified on size and volume, and, training and Agency Quality to be a Premier Partner.  Getting very good local support from Google finally and it certainly benefits […]

Marketing versus Privacy – Who Wins?

This was released by Google yesterday. Google My Activity. The threads of recent advancements in Google tools, such as analytics, re marketing lists…

The Best Little Adwords Agency In Australia?

Website Essentials Google Partner

Whilst boundless enthusiasm, mixed with ever increasing competent reserves, indicates exponential growth, the decision has to be made. Do we aim to be the best little Adwords agency in Australia…


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