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Retiring a Server

One of our old faithful servers is being retired.  It has served us and many of our hosted clients for many years.  Since 2009 actually.  It can now not be upgraded anymore and we have to move clients sites and emails to a new server to see them through to the next 10 years and […]

Flooring Wizards has already made a dint in existing rankings, based on its compliance with the laws of search, user experience and quality scores.


The team at Weartek, headed by Nick Pearce were well and truely aware of the importance of launching their digital assets correctly, according to the requirements of the search engines…

Morocco Deluxe Camp

Just an amazing experience – Morocco Deluxe Camp Every now and then, you get asked to help a really amazing website.  Morocco Deluxe Camp is just that.  I was fortunate to get to Morocco years ago, and saw just some small fringes of the vast deserts, and this site and its pictures wanted me to […]

Major Dirt Box

Major Dirt Box – The Big Boys Sandpit.. What a load of fun (or dirt) this one is going to be, and we get to build it.  This amazing new business doesn’t just fill a big hole in adventure activities, its makes lots of them… Imagine where you can go and drive, yes, actually […]

A new Website for the SEAKS

SEAKS Launch into the 21st Century! The wonderful people who make up the SEAKS, thats the South East Asia, Korea, and Peacekeeping Veterans Association Inc, have dragged themselves out of the past and now have a new presence online to assist them with their fellowship, fundraising and welfare activities. The committee was aware of Website […]

Hackers and how they do it

Latest Hacks – How they Hack WordPress A number of clients were hacked just before and after Easter.  Some hosted with us, and some on other providers.  We picked these up via our remote backup system and scans of the remote backups thanks to Blog Vault. This was a gravity forms vulnerability that the scum […]

Bella Sante

Not quite instant, but definitely a new website and search presence for Bella Sante in one day. If you are looking for a great day spa, beauty salon…

Art Classes Gold Coast

Gold Coast Art Classes. All Classes are $20 per session. Pay as you go with no lock in contracts. Try before you buy….

Commercial Washing Machines

A few years ago, you could not buy a domain name like, technically they had to be an exact match of your abn, and if you didn’t own it you could not buy the domain name off the current holder.


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