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Their experience and  knowledge make the difference in what you can achieve because they work for you…



is for Amit – An Israeli living in South America. Married with a baby girl. Has his own business and without doubt the best wordpress guru I have ever seen. Been with us 2 years and love his work and his family which is growing. If I can’t fix it, I call Amit! Who said you can’t find amazing people online!

is for Adam. An old mate who worked with us at Hot Goanna.  Started his own adwords management software business and is our Adwords training officer and consultant.  He fills in for the Doctor when he is away and sounds me out when I hit a hurdle, in Adwords, that is EVERY WEEK! Adam was recently flown to Google HQ in the USA to attend a summit.  And, they let him come back. Nice to have him back!


is for Chenoa – Worked for me through 3 businesses over the past 8 years. Known her for nearly 15. Great administrator and bookkeeper, learnt SEO from the ground up and very tidy on PPC. Receptionist & Admin Manager and helped build the business from scratch… She has a great husband and have their own removals business in her spare time. Oh and a son as well…


is for Lisa – she is an old workmate from a previous SEO life.  Great lady and a WIZZ at Google Local Listings.  Has her own business with her hubby and works for us on our clients when we need the expertise that she has gathered over the years.  A pleasure to work with and for sometimes….


is for Mark – Tully by another name. Fell into the job in 2004. Learnt a bit from being a contractor with Google, sold that one. Fell into working with the best in the SEO business in Australia. Got a couple of connections here and there, started this businesses in 2009 and knows it all (well, his family actually calls him a  know it all – so he thought he could use that)  Married, father of 2, rides a Goldwing (well), and plays bass (badly) Read More…


is for Melanie – Mum of two little ones, and one brand new… Lives in the lovely Kiama. 5 years after finding out about her website skills, she is still with us. Brilliant really! and just competent as hell!  Just returned (sort of) after baby 2 and we love having her back.  You will too…


is for Rod – A Joomla Guru.  God knows we need him for those with existing Joomla sites. Has his own Gold Coast business and graces us with helping our Joomla clients with their sites and SEO, Analytics and conversions… Amazing knowledge and has never failed, except once, and that one should be destroyed and redone properly. I hate other peoples servers…


is for Ross - Mr Analytics & All things Google  -  One of the top 10 in Google Adwords in the Country without doubt.  We gave him the nickname of The Doctor at Hot Goanna in the naughties and it has stuck. Sydney based & loves it. Been back with us for a year now and we love having him back again…



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