Have you got a new project?

Started getting quotes and opinion?  It is mind numbing how many different people are “right”  Lots of experts tell you what you need from their bag of tricks, trouble is, most of them only have on trick in the bag, and its what they sell to survive.

Would you like an outside, impartial and knowledgeable referee.  WE have the experience.   WE can also project manage, or arbitrate, second opinion, competitive research, qualify and  help you choose the right providers, the right service and cross reference all the components that you have to have included, based on our huge background of direct experience with some of the biggest brands in the country and outside the country.

WE also won’t sell you our services.  WE don’t mind who gets the work that you have, so long as it WORKS!

So, before you get started, have a chat to Website Essentials and find out what you are missing in your current plans and designs.  Hour by Hour or Project by Project, Your place or Ours, Australia Wide*.

* Travel expenses and time not included – billed seperately. “Overseas appointments subject to extra conditions”

Feedback…. From Linked in

“Mark is a very genuine person, and his passion for web services supporting business is contagious. He has a great knowledge of SEO / web services and in my experience has offered this knowledge and insight to the benefit of local SMEs.” November 8, 2011

1st Nick Byrne, Co-Founder, Brisbane Development Circle
was with another company when working with Mark at Website Essentials Pty Ltd

“Mark really know his stuff, he delivers results where others just talk about it. If you are going to spend money on SEO, spend it with Mark.” August 8, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

1st Jane Toohey
hired Mark as a SEO, web marketing in 2005, and hired Mark more than once

“Mark’s an excellent business partner. A pleasure to deal with, he has real domain expertise in a range of areas. Above all, he has integrity and an honest approach to business and building relationships.” July 27, 2011

1st Julian Persaud, Head of Business Development, Google Australia
was with another company when working with Mark at Hot Goanna ®

“Mark has worked to ensure that both the clients and the advertisers are more educated about the Google Adwords platform. He understands that it is not in anyone’s interest to try and hide things behind smoke and mirrors.

Very professional and showed expert knowledge about areas to focus on and likely outcomes. If i wasnt sitting in front of him I would think that he would be reading the answers off a script, was very impressed and showed me the value of working with someone with his experience.” June 27, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

1st David Iwanow
hired Mark as a Adwords in 2009, and hired Mark more than once