Simple Secure Aussie Hosting

We run it on a dedicated server in your Geographic Area with no hidden nasties, real phone support and the ability to login and do your own server work is what we do.

We do not offer crappy cheap overseas hosting (unless you need it) and as part of our hosting we actually look forward to talking to you each month.

Whether its a new email address, password changes, statistics updates, or any of the many day to day things that other hosting comanies charge for.

These are included in our standard, top level hosting account for your websites.  Daily backups every day, and a 30 day roll back is included.  If you website business is only worth a few dollars a month, then buy cheap hosting and no independent back up.  If it is a serious part of your business, get serious hosting and support and backups...

If you have higher needs, then we can HIGHLY RECOMMEND NETPORTS, a fantastic hosting solution since 1999.