Search Engine Optimisation

SEO plans that suit any business.

Real SEO, amazing reporting and including all the training you and your staff need to DIY!

The Game of SEO changed last year, big time.  Google changed the rules and now you have to adapt to the rules and do what you can achieve based on your business type.  Your website choice is vital and if you don’t do it by the numbers and tick all the boxes, it just doesn’t work.  Google doesn’t want you dominating search, it wants you to share it with others.  Find the spots that you can be prominent in, build on that, and then embrace Adwords as part of your overall SEO strategy.

EVERYONE claims to be an expert.  SEO opinions are a bit like bottoms, every one has one… There is no magic, its a methodology.   When you are taught it, and understand it, it works and works and works.

We build in SEO to our websites (except our own as we dont give it away) and we show you how to do it yourself. We also do great SEO plans that suit any business and the value proposition is massive, regardless of your size or geographic position.

If you would like a real Search Engine Optimisation website or plan then please ask us for real examples, live and on search results. Prices range from as little as $330 a month up to $1600 a month and custom plans for those that can sustain it long term themselves..!

PS We DO NOT deliver 50 page SEO plan proposals.  We do it in one page and with complete clarity and disclosure.  See our plans here and we live and die by our comprehensive online 24/7 reports.

SEO with Website Essentials is simple….. It works!

Holistic SEO Plans

To be really effective, your search engine optimisation has to include the following.

  • Google My Business Account
  • Bing Places Account
  • Indexable and updateable website
  • Working XML Sitemap
  • Google and Bing Webmasters Account
  • Google Analytics
  • Effective Content Writing Plan
  • Accurate Keyword Tracking and Reports
Speak to us to get all the assets you need in place before you start any Search Engine Optimisation. Its the Website Essentials…

What Our Clients Say

Our website had some serious issues that we could not resolve, our Google ranked plummeted and we almost totally disappeared.

We contacted Mark at Website Essentials; he took charge of the situation. He quickly found and corrected the issue. He formulated a plan of action to prevent it from happening again.

He kept us in the loop with regular emails and phone calls. Website Essentials customer service is second to none. We are now ranking again on Google, every day we see an improvement.

We have no hesitation in recommending Website Essentials for all your website needs.


Website Essentials have excellent industry and technical knowledge to provide the best SEO and Google ad advice that delivers results. There are many companies that do what they do, but few that do it as well. Highly recommended.


Website Essentials have been integral to my business in website setup and SEO. Mark and his team have been fantastic with their industry knowledge and business understanding helping to guide Weartek to where we wanted to place ourselves. Their on going support means any issues or new ideas can be quickly acted upon.

I have also used Website Essentials for the extensive community work that I am also involved in. When I approached Mark with the design brief for these he offered to do these under his Community Services Program. This is a Website Essentials initiative whereby appropriate community programs are given services free of charge where they meet the criteria. These guys are not only good, but they are good blokes along with it. I couldn’t recommend Website Essentials highly enough.