Adwords Training Seminar

Adwords Training Seminar on the Website Essentials

Very pleased to be asked back to the next Business in a Box gathering at Broadbeach today, speaking for just under 2 hours to a very good size audience.  All brand new business owners and trying to help them navigate the road fraught with danger on all things web.  Google, Sites, Conversions, Adwords, SEO, hosting, registrations and more, and ensuring they have the required knowledge and the information background to manage their own affairs and control their chosen experts.  A great crowd and the highlight of the day in my mind, was the audiences engagement.  A lovely bunch who participated well, took notice and wrote down a very large amount of information to assist them to help grow their business, their ability to support themselves and their families, and grow the Aussie economy online..  PS, for those that watch our posts, there is no SEO implications on this post, just a live person yarn.  Looking forward to the next seminar next month and further refining my delivery…


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