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Adam Briggs – Director at Website Essentials

We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Adam Briggs as a Director of the Company and The Website Essentials Trade Mark from 1 July 2016.  Adam has a long association with myself and WE, dating back to a previously held and conceptualised company Hot Goanna TM in 2007 when he joined the team from the UK.  He has over 5000 days of Adwords Qualified Management Experience over several continents.  His expertise has been recognised by Google twice recently, with his success as the top Australian contributor to the Google Adwords Community forum in Australia, and a recent sponsored visit to Google HQ as part of the global Google conference for top contributors.

adam briggs
Mr Adam Briggs

Adam and I have worked together before. In the Hot Goanna Days, we became, with the likes of Andrew Coates, Ross Kenny, Chenoa Novy, Alex O’Neil and others to become the very first Adwords Agency in a non capital city to be awarded a paid contract by Google in Australia to provide Adwords services to their clients.

The old Google Adwords Reseller badges were only awarded to 7 companies in that time and Adam worked with us, until Hot Goanna was partially sold to TPP Internet as part of an option to buy from Net Registry.  Net Registry of course was thereafter acquired by Melbourne IT.  Solid credentials indeed.

Website Essentials started in 2009 as a result of my experience with so many new clients suffering from under performing elements of their internet presence.  If your website or hosting or choice of Geo-located server was under performing, or you could not add to your website yourself, or if you didn’t embrace Google correctly and have your website talk to it,  and of course your Adwords were substandard and not chasing conversions and reporting excellence, then all your efforts suffered as the one bad link affected the wheels of your business.  Then hacks became prevalent and social media was born. Thus the Website Essentials was born and became very successful.

As part of the Adwords management team at Website Essentials, Adam will lead up and control a team that comprises over 10,000 days of certified Adwords management.

I will move from CEO to Director of Services and Public Officer and assist Adam with his team and tasks.  I will then have the opportunity as part of this management restructure to focus on our website design, hosting, seo and other services including world class backups and hack removals and protection.

Personally, I welcome Adam aboard as a shareholder and Director, and I look forward to growing Website Essentials TM to a new level of service delivery, reliability and most importantly, growth for our clients.

The recent move to a new office was the forebear for this announcement, and as they say, I believe we have our ducks lined up.

Welcome aboard mate

Mark Tull

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