Rat Race

Brisbane Annual Rat Race

Well, I have written about some interesting stuff in my time, but this is the first Rat Race I have ever covered.

This initiative of YMCA Brisbane is just Mad.  Teams of 4 people, run around an 8 k long course, full of huge obstacles, carrying a massive inflated cheese!  Sound interesting?  Then they have added to the mix the course.  Running from under the Story Bridge, along Kangaroo Point cliffs, through the Botanical Gardens and back to Captain Burke Park.  So, its scenic too.

I am not sure if you have to dress up as a rat to do this Rat Race, but I reckon many competitors will, given the images on the main website at ymcaratrace.com

So, these obstacles, what are they?  Here you go…

rat race

Looks Intriguing.  So, how do you go about entering?  Pretty simple, click on the link on the site and go to event registration and pay your entry fee starting at $79.37 and get your rats lined up.  To make matters more interesting the YMCA Rat Race has a Pest Patrol, trying to stop you and your rats from completing the course.  Bit like a tough mudder in yellow and hindrance team I think.

If you are the sideline types, you should book in the 8th October 2016 from 12 midday to about 5pm to see the Rats running in the YMCA Rat Race.

Our mission is much easier than that of the competitors.  All we have to do is get this brand new event and its site found on search asap.  No Cheese and only one obstacle, and that’s Google.  We are currently working as a team to get this done in time so when the media launch goes out, potential Rat Runners can quickly find the site, and assist the YMCA in Brisbane to continue to do its great works, which it has continued to do for over 100 years…

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