The Best Little Adwords Agency In Australia?

Its a good question, who is the best little Adwords agency in Australia.

Following the recent “merger” of Website Essentials and the Adam Briggs agency, we have moved up the ladder with Google Partners and our strategies have taken a turn accordingly.

Whilst boundless enthusiasm, mixed with ever increasing competent reserves, indicates exponential growth, the decision has to be made.  Do we aim to be the best little Adwords agency in Australia, and if so what do we set ourselves as our targets and more importantly, targets for our clients, current and new.

Typically, an agency grows on growing client spend on Google Adwords, together with growing the number of staff the agency employs.  Therein lies a growing few endless circles of motion and activity and both increase in speed as time goes by.

When you grow you Adwords staff levels to match your sales success to obtain new clients, the only general efficiencies in cost per seat costs is based on the number of clients and the fees you can charge them, divided by the number of staff you have.  IE, how many clients does a manager work on each day/week/month.

Then it comes down to the level of experience and expertise of your Adwords Manager, and believe me, from 12 years hand on experience, really good Adwords Managers are very, very rare.  Then, if this is accepted, then the quality of the service delivery and performance of the clients Adwords account is affected if you hire sub expert staff or try to grow another quality Adwords Professional (current estimations is it takes 5 to 7 years to do so).

Website Essentials in its new look has immediately been bumped up the list to Google Premier Partner and you can see our current results on our Google Partners page here…;idtf=4996236217;

We are putting in place our plan to ensure that we grow a little, but, grow to a cap and maintain the quality that a small, personal and dedicated, highly experienced team can make to your Adwords spend and performance.  We really do want to be the best little* Adwords Agency (*under 12 million client spend per annum) in Australia.   Like to see the difference at Website Essentials?  Give us a call…

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