Mobile Data Collection Software

Mobile Data Collection Software

Making mobile data collection software easier to source in Australia.

Global GBM is an Australian Company based in Brisbane that provides in the field solutions to many data problems including mobile data collection software.

For over 20 years their map based solutions have solved problems for business and government alike.  They provide mobile software and integrated solutions for a diversity of clients around the world.  They are the experts in Location Intelligence and enterprise mobility.  All this and more via their mobile data collection software.

mobile data collection softwareThe provide out of the box solutions for data collection, through to specific solutions with backend data management, analysis and reporting.  Task scheduling and dispatch can also be covered.   Their systems work with a full range of mobile computers so your workers in the field can use any device to feed back to your system.

Global GBM needed a search partner to ensure their amazing technology was more readily available to people searching the internet to find suitable providers of mobile data collection software and many more such terms.  Global GBM has a wealth of information on their site, and our job, strangely, is to get this data moving, via the search engines to searchers in the field.

Its not quite taking coals to Newcastle, but its an interesting task.  Our first aim is to get them ranking on important search terms such as mobile data collection software and then work through the myriad of relevant terms and build the content on their site to be found and engage users.  Once the Website Essentials in in place, this site can confidently grow to be a leader in its field on search, just the same way that Global GBM has gown to be a leader in Enterprise Mobility.

We look forward to the challenge and are already enjoying working with their very competent technical team. Call back soon…




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