Moree Show

Moree Show

New Old Domain Name for Moree Show

Following a recent change and retirement of the original Moree Show website, Armed Consulting approached us through one of our existing Marketing Agency contacts to see if we could assist them with their dilemma.

moree showFor years, the Moree Show lived online at but a series of recent events necessitated a change of domain to Moree Show Society.  The result?  Invisibility on search on Google and many, many, broken weblinks on other sites that had long term, valuable and historic links to the show.

Website Essentials was very pleased to assist Armed with the Show Society.  Being from the bush myself, I know what a vibrant part of the local community a Show Society is and how hard the volunteer members work.   We offered them our Community Website Program and went about the work of securing the old Moree Show domain name.

With this done, a new cms site was hosted and made live.  We then assisted in rebuilding the latest society site back to its rightful home at  Then the job will entail redirecting all the current domains pages and links to the new, old site, (giggle) and letting Google and Bing know that now, all is back to where it was.

We hope to see the reindex of the Moree Show be very successful and that they will once again, rank position number one for a search for their name.  Please call back later to see the new site and the program for the next show.

Google Moree Show and find out what a great event it is and why you should visit Moree and be a part of the old, new, Moree Show Society via their new community website, proudly assisted by Website Essentials.  (almost feels like going back home, this job!)


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