Morocco Deluxe Camp

Just an amazing experience – Morocco Deluxe Camp

Every now and then, you get asked to help a really amazing website.  Morocco Deluxe Camp is just that.  I was fortunate to get to Morocco years ago, and saw just some small fringes of the vast deserts, and this site and its pictures wanted me to return there, I am sure…

morocco deluxe campIts almost something out of star wars.  Imagine, in the absolute middle of nowhere, you come across an oasis of extra large two room tents in a traditional Berber encampment, but with all the trimmings of a billion star hotel.  Morocco Deluxe Camp is in Assif n’Iltrane, which means river of stars they tell me.  The more pictures I see the more I want to go.

The story here is the wonderful people of Berber Treasures, whom we have helped for many years, have launched this 5 star accommodation house in the sand.  They had a basic design, hosted on a communal platform and needed it rebuilt and made ready for serious bookings and a full season of search results online.

After dreaming over the images, we got to work for Georgina and the Berber Treasures Team and started building from the ground up, and utilising all the Website Essentials bells and whistles. It is not hard to work on such an exotic location as this, but I must admit, the construction time may be blow away a bit, as I seem to keep going back to the image library and then checking my bank balance.  Perhaps I am dreaming of taking my wife and staying at Morocco Deluxe Camp.  However, back to work, getting them found for 5 Star Accommodation Morocco so their tour business has even more enquiry from search on Google and Bing.  Thanks for the work on this one Berber T, much appreciated.


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