Major Dirt Box

Major Dirt Box – The Big Boys Sandpit..

What a load of fun (or dirt) this one is going to be, and we get to build it.  This amazing new business doesn’t just fill a big hole in adventure activities, its makes lots of them…

Major-DirtboxImagine where you can go and drive, yes, actually drive, huge mine type dump trucks, earthmovers, excavators, bob cats, and even a bulldozer and dig as many holes as you can.  Big Holes.

This new business sought out Website Essentials to design, build and then carry out initial SEO for Major Dirt Box.  This was based on past performance of WE for this companies other sites and products and the task was to see the difference in performance for Major Dirt Box on search and with visitors, based on their previous sites designs and integrated SEO.

We went about it as usual, ticking all the boxes, and finding the balance between the look they liked, the appearance, layout, language, user interface design, google requirements, and all the necessary tools and components that a website has to have to perform at its very best on search.  And, search is a Major component of this domain name.

As this site launches and grows, the amount of relevant keywords that they require this site to be found on are massive, as Major Dirt Box fills so many categories of adventure, grown up activities, corporate events, birthday parties, bucks parties, team building, end of season activities, presents and just FUN.

I was half tempted to offer a contra on this job, and have a go at everything, just to get a better understanding for future SEO work, however, I think I will just pay and go and have some great fun with big boys toys when Major Dirt BoxMa opens soon.  Look for it on a search engine near you.  I think it will be a hoot.


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