Weartek – Fit for Purpose Workwear

It is always exciting to assist a new brand to launch from the ground up.  Weartek has joined the ranks of new businesses choosing The Website Essentials and Mark Tull to guide them on their launch into Cyber Search.


The team at Weartek, headed by Nick Pearce were well and truely aware of the importance of launching their digital assets correctly, according to the requirements of the search engines to maximise their initial exposure and to give them the solid platform they needed for visibility in the long term.

With a quick turnaround needed, Website Essentials went to work to get not only the site built to their specifications, but to tick all the Google and Bing boxes to ensure rapid pick up and rankings, for as we know these days, the first thing a new contact does is Google you.  Weartek had to be found and found fast for both Weartek and Weartek Pro.

Once this was all completed, the population of the site commenced, and the confidence of knowing that every word and picture that Weartek included in their new site was being supplied to search engines and being indexed.  This then allows them to compete immediately in the search space, based on the quality and uniqueness of their content and given the vast originality of their services, this should see them rapidly grow online and, thus, grow their business.

These days you can have a great business plan, and a great business, but, if you fail to address the Website Essentials, its easy for your vision to not give you the rewards that you envisage.  All has to work together according to the rules.  Website, Hosting, Google, Bing, Accounts, Registration, feed, access, content layout, content and then, you can compete as an equal on search.

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