Commercial Washing Machines

Commercial Washing Machines

Classic case study in progress.

So you import and distribute and service commercial washing machines in Australia.  You are a young business and need to get to the front page on search.  What do you do?

A few years ago, you could not buy a domain name like, technically they had to be an exact match of your abn, and if you didnt own it you could not buy the domain name off the current holder.

More on domain name “ownership” later on, and that will be a good read.

commercial washing machinesWashcomm had a couple of sites, and all doing well, until this domain name came up for sale.  Research proved that if acquired, commercial washing machines could make it to front page for a search term that has good yearly volumes, and the old and long established players had invested heavily in for making a presence found on front page of search.

The decision was made to purchase and proceed to attempt to move to front page on search.  SEO is not dead, its just changed again, thanks to Google.  A newer content strategy is becoming more clear, and it would also seem that the days of set and forget are long over.  Long gone are the days of old posts, now, its more newsy and more current, and thus, this and every site is going to have to continue to contribute to search regularly, or fall off the front page for stand alone sites.

The exception to the rule seems to be the aggregators, they are slowly taking over front page from the stand alone product sites, and thus, this new site for commercial washing machines seems to tick all the boxes.  Come back soon to see how they went in aspiring to front page for just one search term…



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