Essentials Magazine Australia

Essentials Magazine Australia

WE couldn’t resist this one.  After referring many great clients to us, Jamie and the team at Essentials Magazine Australia asked us for some help to promote their site.   Its a journey through art, music, culture, photography and for some strange reason, lots of articles about really good wine?

essentials-magazine-australiaEssentials Magazine has been showcasing the finest the world has to offer for a considerable period, but needed more exposure on search to maximise the amazing stories and writing talent of its editorial team.

We immediately went to work on the Website Essentials check list for Essentials Magazine.  We methodically went through every page of content, every article, all the basic SEO and search engine compatibility requirements, and reversed engineered the “back end” of the site to get it found and ranking higher on Google.

It is a bit like building a wall for a house to put a roof on eventually.  If you don’t start with great foundations, and a methodology with a logical plan, then the structure is going to be unsound.  Exactly the same can be said of optimising a website based on the essentials.

With so much unique and quality content, Essentials Magazine is a winner on the authority stakes and can do wonders for the businesses, destinations, food and people they write about.  They just needed the internal structure and the guidance to DIY long term.

The job was completed, after new plugins installed and configured and a full re index by the search bots.  Now, Essentials Magazine can safely know that by following the Website Essentials that they can confidently rank as well as they can possibly expect as a DIY SEO provider, based on their very unique and interesting content.

If you are looking for an excellent showcase for your business, food, wine, or for yourself then we can highly recommend Essentials Magazine.


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