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Flooring Wizards launches. Being one of the best and most popular for a single product line is great.  But what if you really want to push your other mainline products.  You have all of your quality on search around your main Tile terms, but as your business has grown, you have really become a flooring retailer, including vinyl, bamboo and carpet.

flooring wizardsSo strategically, do you try to include all your product lines on one site.  Research has shown, that Google and other search engines don’t like to share the love when it comes to a single website being dominant across various search “nouns”, ie, carpet, timber, vinyl, flooring, tiles etc.  To this end, a new domain and a new “sub brand” was developed by the think tank in consultation with Website Essentials.  Flooring Wizards was born.  A new domain, same corporate look and feel, but a dedicated platform for launch into the market for carpet, timber planks and vinyl. Yes, the traditional flooring covers…

This new site has some serious and long term competition, but, with a very well researched plan, a sound and proven strategy and, a solid SEO platform over the short to medium term, FlooringWizards.com.au has already made a dint in existing rankings, based on its compliance with the laws of search, user experience and quality scores.   Being this successful early is also based on quality, unique content that is regularly added to and updated.  This is the real to trick in our minds to success online.  Not only need you have a great name, a compliant website and be search friendly, you have to rise and be rated on the amount of new content, and how often it is added.  If it is on queue and on target, search term wise, your new site does not have to be invisible for long..



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