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Harley Davidson Brisbane – Morgan & Wacker

harley davidson BrisbaneIt’s a long way from 1917 when Morgan & Wacker started selling as a Harley Davidson Brisbane Dealer. Now in 2012 it was time to update their website and internet marketing. Harley Davidson Brisbane (AKA Morgan & Wacker) needed a new, cutting edge, mobile friendly, search engine optimised, self editing, database website that would accept their internal stock and product management systems and allow staff to effectively take control of their public web presence.

On top of this, they required better rankings on terms such as Harley Davidson Brisbane, Harley Davidson Gold Coast etc.  Website Essentials was chosen for the task for a new website design, including tablets and mobile devices.  The artwork requirements were very exciting to be chosen to work on for this iconic brand.  Then there is the massive job of ensuring that redirects are registered and found for the new site and its Urls, to ensure that all the massive history of this site is preserved on search engines and in hundreds of thousands of links on sites around the world.

We are looking forward to Morgan & Wacker being the best website you will find when searching for Harley Davidson Brisbane..

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