Chemical Spill Kit

Chemical Spill Kit – Think Ecospill

Anyone in the manufacturing, retail, fuel retail, mining, construction and marine industries know what a spill kit is, and why they need chemical spill kit suppliers.

chemical-spill-kit1A Chemical Spill Kit contains many elements and is available to act quickly to stop the spread of a chemical or fuel spill.  The containment of spills is vital in todays more eco friendly world.  A chemical spill kit typically allows you to prevent the spread of a hazardous liquid and turn that liquid into a solid to manage it, remove it and also prevent it from spreading further.

Ecospill are one of Australias most highly regarded suppliers and trainers for Chemical Spill Kits.  They have a long history and are proudly Australian-owned.  Ecospill developed from an established company that specialised in water filtration systems, pressure cleaners and pumps.  They have developed into a Chemical Spill Kit supplier and trainer, providing expert solutions and product innovation (including their cutting-edge development of affordable spill kits) has seen the company grow to service the entire country with branches in Brisbane, Sydney and Perth.

If you handle fuels or dangerous chemicals your workplace must be safe for your staff and the environment. However, navigating environmental regulations across the country is complex and it places a financial burden on your business.

Ecospill understands that you need expert advice to save time and money and meet your environmental obligations.

Ecospill came to Website Essentails to assist them with the transition to their new online ordering website, which allows clients to easily order, pay and receive their spill kits and restocking items.  We have also been able to assist them to better understand the world of Google and SEO in relation to chemical spill kit search and we look forward to assisting them to help more Australians safely contain a spill…



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