RSL Club Southport

RSL Club Southport

A new Website and Brand for RSL Club Southport

The venerable Southport RSL Memorial Club is changing with the times.  Having for many years run on a brand of RSL Club Southport, the changing face of time has required them to rebrand slightly to RSL Club Southport.

Its a logical search term , RSL Club Southport and was being used more and more often, so the logical scenario was to create a new site at this address.  The old site will be fazed out over time, as the new site grows and populates on search engines.

To this end, RSL Club Southport engaged a team to build a new CMS site to allow them to take better control of their own destiny and soon, live feeds from whats happening in the club will become a reality.  Search for RSL Club Southport and very soon, they will be top of the results, just like you will experience with top of the line acts, shows, bans and entertainment at RSL Club Southport.


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