Google Panda or Penguin – Huge Lifts for Some

Its not a Panda or a Penguin –  Its a big bad Crow

I don’t reckon what we have seen since the 14th of this month is either Panda or Penguin.  Neither seem to be at fault for what we see across almost all accounts. And, it didn’t happen on the same day, it sort of rolled through from that day and continues.

What we have seen is a huge swing away from search results on maps.  Most maps and their 7 pack have disappeared and maps are now almost their own engine.  If your local and Google knows it, clap your hands.   Google has conveniently moved maps listings (either local based on your ip or geo targeted) IE Tax Accountants Cleveland.

Then, just as they have done before, they have pushed the listings window open and put even more paid ads for competitors at the top of search.  This is very close to what we saw last year with what I still consider the monetisation of SEO via Google ads.  If you cannot rank for a term, you have to pay for it.

Some of the best minds have been blind sided by this or are happy they haven’t been hit with link penalties (what a beat up this is) and then maps being broken off.  A lot don’t seem to even track maps listings and what we see I reckon is not a bird its a plane.  No penguins or pandas here, its just the next step in Google clawing back on its latest poor quarter results.  Massive drops in previous map listings on google search rankings, and massive increase in Google map rankings now on maps that probably noone will see in anywhere near the volumes they used to.

I wonder how many times you can draw from the same well before it runs dry.  Lets find out shall we as the Google Crow rolls along.  Check Google Quarterly profits and performance here .


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