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Blog Vault – The Essential WordPress Plugin

Without blog vault, you need an entire IT department in my opinion.  The single best decision I have ever made in my current business which is now 5 years old, was to engage Blog Vault as our cloud wordpress and Joomla backup provider.  I believe we came onboard in their early days, and was able to be served by Blog Vaults owner directly.  This allowed us to have some input into the users needs and the response has been nothing short of outstanding.

blog vault

Being a full service company, we build, we host, we upgrade, maintain and market, and if anyone out there has never been through a major hack of their sites or servers, then God bless you, because you don’t know how easy it is to loose your entire business model when your clients sites go down.  Engaging Blog Vault as our sites and clients sites backup provider has allowed us to sleep at night and to fix major issues, database crashes, hacks and take website development to the next level.

With a rolling 30 cloud backup, that you can select which days backup you want to restore it offers a level of protection and convenience that server side backups do not.  Blog Vault has a simple yet comprehensive interface that is far superior to any server side backup, that includes the entire site files, wordpress core and even the database.  In the event of a total disaster with your server, one could restore server settings, ie email and dns etc from server side, then simply put the backup of the site back up on a blank database and your client is fully functional.

I have not added a link to on this post, as I did not want to dilute its seo capability, I want it to rank on their brand name search.  I love em, and recommend them as your WordPress and Joomla site backup Provider.  Just say Mark sent you.  Blog Vault Rules!


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