Choosing A Brand Name

An in depth look at choosing your brand name, or, choosing a new brand name.

Choosing or upgrading your brand name. Its a simple personal or board based choice isn’t it? Well Yes, and Definitely NO…. Why?

Well here are a few examples of how not to do it and ways to ensure that when you make your decision, its researched and supported and your online presence will be assured for your “name”.

The first place you have to dominate or have a plan to dominate is your business or organisation name on search. If you choose a name or term that is part of an existing name, regardless of the state or country you are in, then you will be paying for ads on your brand name for probably the rest of your life.

Second, if your name is a word that is defined in the dictionary, there will be a wikipedia link that will dominate the top of search and again, brand visibility is a long and costly road.

Then, if you name is shortened to letters representing the long name of your organisation or charity or business like say, SAFE, as an example, then all you have to do before you make your decision is to search for that term. The level of exact match domains or partial match domains means the competition for your new name are already there and they have far more history, credibility, rankings, and authority on search than your new site will have, in some cases for years, and sometimes, never achieve.

As an example, back in the deep past, I researched a name for many weeks for our new Pay Per Click Company. I wanted a unique name that was virginal on search, ie , no volume, no exact match domains already there and a strong Australian name. The final result was Hot Goanna. It dominated its name for as long as the Company traded, until it was purchased by a large Aussie Corporation.

So, a bit like Matrimony, choosing a brand name can have long term beneficial or detrimental outcomes. It should be considered very carefully before making a rash, ill informed decision. If you would like expert, experienced assistance in choosing your new name or your first brand name, call us and we will ensure our knowledge assists you to make the very best decision on your marriage to search for your brand.

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