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Founder and Managing Director – Mark Tull

Mark Tull found search online as a result of managing a tropical oasis (Island Palms Resort) on Magnetic Island. He and his family got the job in 1999 and took up residency in 2000. Island Palms needed a website and Mark Tull quickly built one and got it found on search.

After Mark Tull and the family moved back home to care for a sick family member in 2003 he became the online publisher for CVC, a world wide, multi language travel and resort group and started on the path to all things Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Website Essentials TM

It was Mark Tull’s job to co-ordinate content in Mandarin, English, Spanish over the groups websites and as a result, Mark Tull found Google ads in 2004. Following massive and rapid success for the companies sites, he partitioned his employers to become shareholders in a new company, which he founded with Andrew Coates. Hot Goanna was born. Mark Tull quickly amassed all of the available Google and Yahoo qualifications and awards, including being the second Google Adwords Company in Australia, the 7th Google Adwords Professional in Australia and the first Yahoo Marketing Ambassador in Australia.

Google came knocking on Mark Tull’s door in 2007 and the coveted Google Adwords Reseller contract was granted to Hot Goanna, the first company in Australia outside a capital city to achieve this status.

Mark Tull sold 50% of the company to TPP internet, paying out his old shareholders with a profit. TPP Was then bought by Net Registry, and Mark Tull decided to sell out of Hot Goanna before the takeover. Mark then went to work for Keith Paulin at SEO Works, the eminent leader in Search Engine Optimisation in Australia, before deciding that a wholistic approach was needed to website and search in Australia.

Website Essentials was born and Mark Tull quickly built the business on performance to be recoginzed again by Google and Yahoo, each including the new company in their Agency  programs in Australia.

Of course, not every business is going to succeed online, but with Website Essentials methodology and applications, most of our clients do.  Our team consists of client focused experts in their disciplines.  Hosting, Design, Database, Backups, Hack prevention, conversions, SEO and of course Adwords.  We are a mainly work from home team, and we pride ourselves on service delivery that is “outside of 9 to 5”.

In recent years, we have dedicated ourselves to help those that cannot or do not have the resources to do what they do for their communities.  We have a one in ten rule.  For each 10 sites we build we open up another not for profit or charitable to assist.  Many we charge just a dollar year to.  Its all about putting back.  There are a great dearth of opportunity in our vertical to assist and mentor non commercials to do the very best they can with with their worthy causes.  Very recently, I rejoined the Queensland Rural Fire Brigade and saw again, first hand, how important exposure and fund raising really is, and, preservation of available funds to share the message.  This is vital, otherwise, you are just making money to spend money on trying to make money.  As long as I am at the helm we will continue to aspire to community service as part of our corporate survival plan.


Word of Mouth – What REAL People Say About Website Essentials & Mark Tull

The great thing about working with Mark Tull of Website Essentials is that he makes the technical aspect of Search Engine Optimization about as understandable as it can possibly be made. After working on our sites and , their ranking just kept increasing and now they are in the top position on the front page of Google under a series of very competitive search terms. We would recommend Mark and his team to other companies for a professional approach and following ethical SEO practices.

Ciarán Cryan Chairman Hosted Accommodation Australia Ltd January 2012

“Mark’s an excellent business partner. A pleasure to deal with, he has real domain expertise in a range of areas. Above all, he has integrity and an honest approach to business and building relationships.” July 27, 2011

Julian – Managing Director – Google Asia Pacific

Enquries Today? Heaps and heaps…gosh what a busy day…you are the best!!!
One booking alone was worth $1200….thank you…
October 20, 2011

Amour Charters

Mark really know his stuff, he delivers results where others just talk about it. If you are going to spend money on SEO, spend it with Mark. Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Good Value August 8, 2011

Jane Toohey (founder of Marketing Angels)

The Redland City Chamber of Commerce has officially launched the Living Redlands campaign.  We are writing to thank you for donating your time and resources for this project.  Without your contributions Living Redlands would not have been possible.  In a time, when businesses are working much harder and longer hours to achieve the same results, it can be difficult to find time to support these sort of projects.  So thank you! The Redland City Chamber of Commerce and its members appreciate your support.
Kind regards, Maria

Vice President, Redland City Chamber of Commerce

Please say thanks again to Peter and Mark for all their help. You guys are awesome! I would love doing business with you again!

Barbara – Trendhaus

At the risk of repeating myself you guys have great “after sales” service. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kind Regards Gwen – Bridging Concepts

Since the word ‘GO’ the guys at Website Essentials have had only the best results for my business in their interests. In just the first 30 days, business has noticeably risen and I am only getting more and more excited as the weeks go on. These guys know what they’re talking about when it comes growth and how to make it grow using their tools.
Keep up the fantastic work.

Phil Commandeur, Pool Safety Solutions

“Mark and the team at Website Essentials took our drab, poorly performing website and created something fresh, interactive and most importantly, a lead generator. I found all the team at Web Essentials great to work with especially Mark, who came out to our office and very patiently taught us how to get the most out of our site. We are very happy, and now very busy, customers”

Patsy Tierney U-Can Store It Self Storage

Essentially, The Champion Group has now move all our existing business across to (Mark Tull) @ Website-Essentials, as we were in desperate need of that \”good old fashioned service\”, that Website Essentials is renownd for and continually strives to provide. Thankyou for providing The Champion Group the highest level of customer service and cutting edge technology for all our diversified businesses and we have no hesitation recommending your products and services to everyone, as we do.

Chris Nott

mark tull
Give Mark Tull at Website Essentials a call on 07 5528 2525

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