Hunter Valley Hot Air Balloon Rides

Hunter Valley Hot Air Balloon Rides

Google rules deflate Hunter Valley Hot Air Balloon Rides

Literally, they did… Wine Country Ballooning, the operators of Hunter Balloon Rides website recently became a victim of the Google revisions, and joined the millions who have also been afflicted.  Their single biggest loss was on search for Hunter Valley Hot Air Balloon Rides and similar logical terms.

We have seen this many times.  This company of course is one of the leaders in their service provision, are geographically well based, have done all the usual things right, and still they get hammered for Hunter Valley hot air balloon rides, and guess what they do?  That’s right.

Interestingly, and as usual, this change on Google has not been reflected on Bing, as this still treats them as an authority and ranks them well for the public to find and consider.  Quality search results, not fragmentation.  However, Wine Country Ballooning came to us for help.

We had to carry out the full research and apply what we know to their rankings and of course the NEW link delinking strategy that most seem to consider vital.  Then it was about training the client to do vital SEO for themselves as part of their daily routine.  Once we had the ground work done, it was a matter of clawing their way back up the rankings for Hunter Valley hot air balloon rides and other terms.

Every time the bar is changed, particularly in trying economic times, the impact on the economy and on thousands of small business, and good small businesses, is heavily impacted by search engines.  They have invested and grown their business based on continued application on search results, and then the rug is just pulled out.  Shocking really.  Lets see how we go helping Hunter Balloon Rides for Hunter Valley hot air balloon rides.



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