Google Hotels Australia

Google Hotels Australia

Intersting, very interesting.

A member of a hospitality organisation alerted their parent body today of the loss of their organic listings and the replacement at the top of the page with Google Hotels.

Google Hotels AustraliaHotels was rolled out in the USA 12 months ago and wasn’t supposed to be in Aus just yet.  It has created another layer of search, specific search, so that Google Hotels is dominating the clicks for accommodation and hotel search.  The worst is, you cant edit it, but you can work with it.  Also, it is a requirement that you are on an online hotel CRM, like expedia etc, to manage your availability and prices.

Again, Google looking after google, and putting their own Users Experience up first, regardless of how well you maintain your site, your rankings and your future…


A great article on how to DIY can be found here…

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