The Doctor Returns

No, not Doctor Who.

Doctor Ross!

The man I hired almost a decade ago (because he had potential) to come and learn the next level in Google Adwords Management has returned!

Ross Kenny is a legend.  When I owned Hot Goanna before I sold this Google Adwords Reseller Company to TPP Internet, who had a contract to sell to Net Registry (the biggest Internet company in Australia) Ross was working for Cadbury and had an immediate effect on me.

He worked for the company for years, moving from the Gold Coast to Sydney, as part of the TPP takeover, then went to Net Registryas part of the buy out of TPP and where they retired the Hot Goanna brand and assimmilated it to NR.  He then moved to Panalysis and learnt more than a normal person should regarding analysis and statistics.

I am absolutely wrapped to have the Doctor back.  The team at Hot Goanna called him this for his methodical, meticulous and customer service outcomes that he became famous for.  He is a Google Adwords Guru and we are bloody pleased that he is on our clients side. Now Website Essentials has the ultimate weapon.  I reckon that Ross is the best, most analytic, customer focused, statistical driven Google Adwords Manager in the country, and I belive that I would know the requirements for this.

Competion Beware – The Doc’s Back, Full time and in Sydney with WE (Website Essentials).

Byline:  Ross is available to call upon you in Sydney in person, give us a call to organise a visit, your business will be glad you did…

Call 1300 923 661 and press 4 to speak to Ross…

Welcome back Mate…


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