Are Google Ads Managers Becoming Extinct?

Can AI Do It All For You or Are Human Google Ad Managers Still Vital.

I do worry about AI.  You know, the invasion of machines thinking for you.  From the early starts of Asking Siri, through to cars that watch out for your driving omissions, warnings on anything that is electronic, is there a case that Google (Alphabet) is going to replace humans like us and make direct Google Ads management just for you and AI.

Google Ads ManagersI think not, and here is why.  Since 2005 there has been a slowly deteriorating trend for the Google interface to become less user friendly, with far more options than a casual – non dedicated user could possibly explore.  We do liken our work on Google Ads these days to 50% reading up and 50% management.  It is that fluid a vertical.

Then, of course, if you trust your business completely to AI, then Smart Campaigns are all you will ever need. Right?  Wrong.  Yes Smart Campaigns work, but do they work on the best products and costs per sale that you require?  How do you minimise CPA or CPL.  Well, you can’t.  You still need a knowledgeable human to be your interface to get the best performance.

How about when you have a problem.  Who do you call?  Good luck, online help is self help and if you do manage to get a Googler, remember, they work for Google, not you and in the past 3 to 5 years the quality and level of experience that we have seen with our Google support calls is falling fast.  We even had one tell us this week to hang up and call back later?  Customer service at its best.

So, AI is not quite there yet, and we are still kicking and screaming and living the Google Ads (Adwords) dream every single day.  Fighting the algorithm for you and your business to get the very best results that we can.

The more complex Google Ads become, as part of the automation process and thinking for you, the more you will need a human to show you the right way based on Real Intelligence, not commercially aligned AI>

Now don’t get me wrong, we love Google and Bing for giving us an industry and an future and work that we enjoy.  It’s just that recent attempts to touch the client direct and cut out the middle man so to speak, has been very concerted and it is not a nice way to reward companies like ours who have worked hard and ethically for Google clients over the last 15 years.  So, if my premise is correct, then you should try Google Ads yourself and then when you have it performing as best you can, bring it over to us and see what Humans can do.


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