10 years in Adwords

Companies We Own celebrate 10 years as an Adwords Company in Australia.

A blast from the past, and thanks to the web archive for this.  10 years ago, Australia came of age as a Google destination.  We existed prior to this of course, but in 2007 Google opened up the prestigious certification of a Google Company.  Google individual certification was available from 2004 but company status only opened up with the decision by Google to base itself in our “growing” market. Back in the day we were Hot Goanna, since sold to TPP Internet, who sold it to Net Registry who sold to Melbourne IT and has since disappeared into the corporate entity and become defunct but is still registered.   We moved on from this to create Clicks and Clicks and then Website Essentials.  Many of the original team still work with us, like Mark Tull and Adam Briggs, Chenoa and Melanie, and others assist us like Ross and Alex.  We can confidently say that we have continued in this space without pause (but under different names) for 10 years. There are a few on the list of this archived page that are still in existence and trading.  Some have changed name, some have ceased to exist.  Its a milestone of 10 years of adwords management, as a company that we are rightly proud of.  To be in the Google Adwords space and be successful over 10 years is a feat, not an accident.  Looking forward to rolling with the big G’s punches and helping clients prosper on search for the next 10 years …   who_is_a_gap_2007

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