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Mark Tull

New Linked in Profile Location for Mark Tull

Its about time.  When I first joined linked in, a Colonel in the USA had the first profile for Mark Tull on linked in globally.  So I set up adwordsmarktull as the link.  Little did I know then, some 7 years ago or more, that one day, protecting my name with Linkedin would be really important.  Back in the early days, linked in was not “indexable” by the search engines, but now, that has all changed..

This is so typical of what I see on the net.  So many go into it as a DIY or a start up and never reflect on the possible future outcomes and I was just as guilty, but the times and the link value changes.  IN my case, I have been attacked by trolls.  Anonymous little backstabbing pieces, that deem themselves above the law because they hide behind their “business” in the USA, but of course, they operate in Australia.

Little bit of fight back, using the assets we have to do the job we need and a few new tools have jumped up, particularly with Google De Index, but more to follow on that.  Will be interesting to see how well this one runs..

Stay tuned for more.  Oh and by the way, absolutely wonderful AGM at Island Palms (a client) fabulous send off and wonderful accolades.  Humbling and sad to leave as a Director, but it was time to go.  Been there long enough and now others can step up and make this amazing place better, and we can just look after their site, marketing and web presence and get paid LOL….

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