Blind Shopper Sues Website Owner

This news item today is a little scary, in my mind, as it has implications that I had never even thought of.  Can you be sued in court for Customer experience on your website.

wenewlogoThis lady is blind, poor thing, and she has been struggling to use Coles online shopping website to order her groceries.  It is claimed she has had problems with it for years, and supposedly Coles has been trying to fix it following numerous complaints from her over the years.

As a result, she has commenced legal action under discrimination in that Coles have not provided her with a sufficient service on their website because she is blind.  A legal aid firm has taken up her case and it looks like its real.

How on earth do website owners and designers and hosts adapt to this one?  What is the standard?  Is it really discrimination?

Would you believe we have a website that we built, maintain and host for a very famous blind golfer.  He gets someone with sight to help him with his content and he seems happy at present with what technology can provide.

But, here in lies the case, will we see further issues from this court case where every website is going to have to be visual impaired friendly (and what is the criteria to achieve a satisfactory rating).  Hang on, what happens if you don’t have a mobile friendly site?  Can a mobile only user who doesn’t have a computer sue you for a unsuitable visit experience?   What happens if you don’t speak English?  Can you sue for a site not offering you your language automatically.   What happens if you are blind, Asian and don’t own a computer.

Scary, very, very Scary…

I will be keeping an eye on this story (and absolutely NO PUN intended)

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