Front Page on Search

Is worth more than a $1,000,000 in revenue…

Over the years we have worked for clients in many many verticals, and all sow the same trend. Front page listings on Google, and the other engines are of course eveybody’s aims, but what are these listings (paid ads or algorithmic listings) actually worth to a business.

First rule is of course, is that it is totally pointless to be on front page of google search if nobody buys or inquires or gets a quote off your website. YOUR site sales process has to be highly refined to achieve good results. Just recently, we assisted on manufacturing client to refine their sales process on their site. They had been a constant high placed front page ranking on over 1500 search terms, however their overall lead rate was on 0.3% of impressions, both paid PPC and algorithmic. Website Essentials refined their inquiry process and the immediate result was a conversion rate of 3.3%

This of course dramatically increases their overall sales, based on their internal lead to sale processes. Sound too simple…It’s not. Its a complex process in getting it right. Your average website designer just puts in a contact us form on your site and we have proven it time and time again, that its just not good enough.

Back to the subject, another example, front page with a good ranking page and a highly refined booking, sales, quote or inquiry process has recently turned a carpet cleaning company from ZERO sales to 25 sales per week.

Across all of the industries that we have touched, and in all the verticals, we did the math and a website that does its job, on the front page of Google Search, should be achieving you a sale every 200 impressions, both paid and or algorythmic. This is a rule of thumb for SME and ME that can achieve a mix of PPC and algorithmic presence on a mix of high volume search term listings and low volume terms. Therefore, using this rule, your aim on front page should be:

30,000 searchers per month / 200 = 150 Sales. If you are a carpet cleaner, you should be bringing in about $18K on an average sale cost of $125. This gives you yearly gross worth on front page of Google of around $225K.

For someone with more than 120,000 searches per month on their front page keywords, this rule equates to just on a Million per annum.

Of course, CTR (click through rate) both on free listings and paid listings impact on these numbers, AND of course, the value of search terms used here are the high value ones, but with a half decent ad or description and title, the traffic will come.

Do the math yourself for your business and average sale price. Apply the 200 rule and see if you are above or below the line. If you are above, just like the manufacturer was, you can still vastly improve your sales on front page. If you are below the line, you have to get on more front page search, and improve your website sales ability just like the carpet cleaner.

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