Retail Business Loans

Retail Business Loans

Business Fuel – Retail Business Loans

If you have a business you know how hard and invasive it is to get finance.  Many usually get personal finance and lend it to their company or business.  Now you don’t have to.  There is an alternative for retail business loans.

retail business loansBusiness Fuel is a cash advance providing working capital for your business. Unlike traditional Retail Business Loans, business fuel is a new and innovative product.  A cash advance on your future sales, eftpos or credit card receipts.  It is repaid automatically as a simple weekly repayment or as a percentage of your credit card transactions.

A business fuel cash advance is a smart way to get working capital for your business, allowing you to tap into your future sales for finance to improve your business today!

If you have owned your business and have been trading at the same location for at least one year, and your business can demonstrate a minimum turnover of $10,000 per month in sales receipts, eftpos or credit card sales, you are eligible to apply for retail business loans.   If you are in need of short term finance to improve your business, buy new equipment, or for any other worthwhile and positive purpose, apart from debt consolidation or unpaid bills, business fuel’s Retail Business Loans is the fast and simple, non bank finance that your business can grow with.

With Retail Business Loans from $5,000 to $250,000, fast online application and approvals and cash within 3 days or less, our business loans will give you a quick and simple solution to your business finance needs.  Call us to discuss your needs or get started right away by clicking apply now..

This is how business fuel works…

A pizza shop can’t keep up with the weekend demands and needs $10,000 to fund a second pizza oven.

He couldn’t jump all the hurdles required by a traditional funder and needed a fast, simple and effective alternative.


Business Fuel can see consistent income in the form of sales receipts / EFTPOS transactions and fund the following within 3 days.
Facility Amount $10,000
Facility Fee $3,000
Sum of $13,000 is repaid over 39 weekly repayments of $333.Customer is already seeing the return on his investment before the other financial institutions had processed his application form.
* The FEE and term are determined by the strength and consistency of your business and if security is offered.

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