Dashed Domains – Penguin Changes its mind

A story of Dashed Domains

Well, after the massacre of Penguin on dashed domains, you know my-domain.com.au etc, on the 24th of April.  I think we are seeing another part of the Google algorythm thwarting the Penguin update.  The old CTR is winning the battle again.

It has been long known that Google tracks all click through rates in pay per click, and compares your performance with every ad that anyone ever showed on that position for that keyword, and rewards or punishes you based on the comparison, its part of the quality score.

However, it also knows the exact same performance of the free listings (algorythmic) as well.  I suspect that what we have seen with a couple of sites that we relegated from front page of search to page 3 and even 6 have started to return.  Some that are shopping types have not, but service type sites have.

It would appear that the dashed domain still has a place on google, just perhaps not all of them on search the web….




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