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Digital Auditors

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4 of the very best came together earlier this year for a joint job for a client of one of them.  It was the A Team, (which was the numerous office chat description for them) Basically, they were there as Digital Auditors.

This company was growing and growing fast.  They needed better performance, and an old mate was called in to help and thus, gathered around the very best in their field in Australia.

Then, the very first Digital Audit began, and at the time we didn’t know we were doing it.  Every keyword, ad, expense, above the line tracking, website performance, SEO, SEM, Facebook, video, hosting, forms, conversion rate, uptime, CMS, bandwidth, link, backlinks, updates, monthly specials, staff and their actions, reports, monthly reports, competition, phew, it was all looked at and a composite plan formed.

This impacted on the current staff and their duties, and there was much change.  This also impacted on the current digital advertising contractors, and there was much change.

At the end of the exercise, there was massive change and a massive shift in performance, efficiency, tracking, reporting and above all, leads, sales and profit.

An Idea was born from this event.  What they didn’t know at the time was they were building a joint process which is very unique.  What they didn’t know was that their expertise allowed this client to prosper immediately and a plan to grow was put in place at the same time.  Not just a digital audit, but a business plan as well.

This client has now grown their digital outlays by almost 400%, why?  Because the very first Digital Marketing Audit that Digital Auditors carried out allow them to do this with confidence, and it really is performance based.

If you are looking for a Digital Marketing Audit, there is only one company in the game really, and its so brand new, the site is not even finished yet…



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