Hunter Valley Trike Rides

Hunter Valley Trike Rides

3 Wheel adventures in the Hunter Valley

An old client came up with a mad idea to relieve his boredom.  So, he went out and bought a trike and started a little site called Hunter Valley Trike Rides.
hunter valley trike rides   It’s brand new, its Blue and its a barrel of fun.  They will take up to 2 persons almost anywhere.   And it’s not all about touring.  Weddings,      engagements, parties, formals, functions, give them a call and see if they can do it.

If its touring the hunter you are after, then Hunter Valley Trike Rides have a long list of destinations. They have a picnic cruise tour, a    lunch tour, evenings, half day, Broke and Wollombi, Morpeth, Maitland Goal tour,  Newcastle nightlife and also Newcastle beach tours.

They also have a full day tour range, and after a full day on the back of this beauty, I can tell you, you really will feel that you have had an  adventure.  A mate of mine has one and I recently followed him to Canberra and back  for the second year, and its great fun just riding behind him watching the reactions of almost everyone that sees it.  If you want to feel like a rockstar, then this is the way to do it…

The full day tours at Hunter Valley Trike Rides includes options for the Hunter Valley of course, also Newcastle, Nelson Bay and they will even consider special one off design your own days.

It is wonderful to see new business sprout up, and the great thing about Hunter Valley Trike Tours is that the skipper has been keeping passengers safe for many years in his full time job as a pilot of a hot air balloon.  You can definately trust him with the ground under his wheels.  Looking for an adventure?  Hunter Valley Trike Tours is a must do out Cessnock way.  My favourite would have to be a full day chauffeured vineyard tour…

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