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Rat Race

A Rat Race. Yes, but not the type you normally refer to when living in a big city. The YMCA Brisbane Rat Race is launched…

Adam Briggs Director of Search

Adam Briggs Joins Website Essentials as part of the management team and as a Company Director…

Adwords Training Seminar

Adwords Training Seminar on the Website Essentials Very pleased to be asked back to the next Business in a Box gathering at Broadbeach today, speaking for just under 2 hours to a very good size audience.  All brand new business owners and trying to help them navigate the road fraught with danger on all things […]

Technology Pains, Our Aplogizes

We are moving offices, and trying to bleed out of the old and into the new.  Operationally, this has not been an issue, but the phones, they have a mind of their own.  To any clients who have tried to phone us unsuccessfully this week and or leave a message, they have all been lost. […]

Our New Servers Just Launched

Clients please take note, we will be starting to transfer your webhosting from our old servers to our new servers this weekend.

DDoS attack

A terrible day for a client today and a dangerous day for our whole server system and data centre DDoS has been around for a long time.  Here is a very good article you might like to read. Basically, this morning, all of our sites on one server started going slow, then going offline, […]

Flooring Wizards has already made a dint in existing rankings, based on its compliance with the laws of search, user experience and quality scores.

Big Changes In Secure Shopping

If you are into wordpress or other like CMS systems particularly, or even html sites, the new 2048 SSL certificates that will become THE standard


The team at Weartek, headed by Nick Pearce were well and truely aware of the importance of launching their digital assets correctly, according to the requirements of the search engines…

Morocco Deluxe Camp

Just an amazing experience – Morocco Deluxe Camp Every now and then, you get asked to help a really amazing website.  Morocco Deluxe Camp is just that.  I was fortunate to get to Morocco years ago, and saw just some small fringes of the vast deserts, and this site and its pictures wanted me to […]



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